About Process Service India

Greves Group is a fastest growing risk protection management group located in New Delhi. We are giving our online as well as physical presence through partners/associates located in almost every country of the world. Our group is taking the good care of all investigative needs of the global firms and individuals working in different professions. The worldwide litigation needs are not hidden from us. We are well aware of the hurdles faced by firms for serving legal papers across states or nations. We have studied Indian legal systems and known the litigation needs of countrymen.

To overcome the problems faced by the people living in all the terrains of country, we have come with a unique online project of Process service India. This is one of the highly rewarding projects made available to all citizens residing the various states of India. The ideal aim behind the launch of process service India is to supply best facilities to the people for giving right litigation helps in personal or business works. We are working with an aim to provide the better services for serving the legal papers like summons and court notices of people anywhere in the country.

Our local process servers are well aware of entire Indian cities and very much familiar with the existing rules and laws regulating all the process in Indian states. We are giving the thrust to legal processes and providing the absolute solution of every civil and criminal case. Today, we have created some of the quality means, which can be used by the people for serving a divorce paper, complaint, writ, petition or a judicial or non-judicial paper on a person in India.

Our trendy services can be used by any individual/plaintiff/petitioner/attorney/applicant to have dignified services and trusted results. The services of process offered by local process servers are as follows:

  • Serving Divorce Petitions in India:
  • We can serve divorce petitions to any person with a higher degree of success in every matter, despite of many evasive tactics used by a recipient in these works.

  • Serving Corporate Legal Documents in India:
  • We can conduct a right process to serve legal documents of a firm for giving the same to the responsible person of the company.

  • Serving Summons in India:
  • We have been serving summons to a person with a purpose to have the higher chances of winning a case.

  • Serving Child Custody Documents in India:
  • We are having rich experience to serve legal papers pertaining to the custody a child.

  • Serving of Judicial & Extra Judicial documents in India:
  • We are having best resources to deliver your Judicial & Extra Judicial documents.

Our all the services are delivered at the best competitive rates. We are proved better for providing relatively faster services to resolve legal problems in minimum turnaround time. For entire needs, you may contact us at [email protected].

Note: You can log on the link requirements to note down the necessary documents for getting a successful service of process to be done in Indian territories.